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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine encompasses care for patients with recent sports injuries, dislocated knees, shoulders, joints, and acute fractures, and other similar acute orthopedic injuries.

Full on site xrays and physical therapy services are available.

Acute injuries and Orthopaedic Prompt Care

Prompt care service is for patients who have suffered an acute orthopedic injury on the field, or as a weekend warrior who are in need of care.
Office hours are 8am to 5 pm weekdays.
Dr. Sotta is the team coach for many high school sports teams in the area, and is available on the field for some games.

Local Sports Team and Past Pro Sports Team Experience

Dr. Sotta is passionately involved in local high school community sports teams in the Lake Oswego, Tigard, Portland area.

He was the assistant team physician for the following professional sports teams:
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Cleveland Indians
  • San Diego Chargers
Head team physician for the University of New Mexico varsity athletes for 3 years.
Team physician for many high school teams since 1980.
Dr. Sotta has been in private practice in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine in the Portland area since 1998.


Reconstructive Surgery

Full Diagnostic X-Rays on site

X-rays are needed in most cases to perform an initial evaluation and also to measure your progress during the healing process.
We provide on full site x-ray services at our office.
Full X-ray scan room on site
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